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Maybe it’s a lot of similar related articles out there, but I try to help you. Hopefully my advice will be beneficial for your website.


You would already know your website is just one of several billion sites parked on the World Wide Web. Maybe you never thought the web you will not get attention from anyone. Many website owners are asking how can I make it crowded web. Here are some tips from me to you.

1.) Make sure your website looks professional.
No one likes to see a website that reminds them of a similar book summary book report in school. Investing in learning is a good web design program (Dreamweaver MX and Microsoft FrontPage), and let your creativity flow. Make sure your website attractive with a good design, and organized. People do not really feel happy to find and select the number of reference data on search engines to get the information they want.

Note: do not create a site that was loading heavy. Replacing some flash web page may indeed make the web look to be interesting, but it will make our web loading becomes slow, because the average visitor from the search engines which search the Internet just want to wait 10 seconds to be able to view information on the page to page, and then they would immediately leave if our web page too long it appear.

2.) Register your website URL it on any search engine.
Include your URL on business cards or ask your family and your friends to visit your site will not actually increase traffic to your website.

Submitting the best way is to register the web or into a search engine which will make it easier for people to find your web, with a record of your web page has a topic or information they seek.
To understand how a search engine works, let us create a parable. Consider is that search engines are as a “spider”: a creeping or visit your website, Spiders will choose the words and the information then will be indexed in a database search engine. Web directories, like Yahoo, is operated by humans to categorize websites based on topic or the main keywords of a web.
So, make sure your site contains the keywords that you think are relevant to what people are looking.

For example, if for any reason, you can not submit your website to various directories, consider the services of such sites, which of course is its cost, this submitter service sites will automatically submit your site to the search machine and directory.

3.) Try to spread your web link.
Find other sites that have similar content as your website, and ask to exchange links. Create banners to be placed on web sites of others, and offered them to also put banners on your site. You can also add your URL in an e-mail signature. etc.

4.) ads offline.
The virtual world is not easy to make you look. Then try to write press releases and send them to local newspapers or magazines. Try also print brochures for distribution. Make sure that your site is already established and running to avoid any bad impression from the visitors.

newspaper daily news
newspaper daily news

5.) Interacting with the readers of your website.
Try to Install the forum or message board for your visitors to interact with one another. Chat box maybe we can use,, and the comments space, allowing them to check a reply every comment they make. Create e-mail list so you can tell visitors about new developments, and enable the web feeds.

Actually there are many things you can do, the important thing is to remain consistent to continue to update your website. So a few tips that hopefully will make your site better and more taken into account.


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  1. How to make your site better and more taken into account: Maybe it's a lot of similar related ar… via @JauhariNET

  2. How to make your site better and more taken into account: Maybe it's a lot of similar related ar… via @JauhariNET

  3. How to make your site better and more taken into account #How_To #SEO via @jauhari

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