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Must Have Photography Apps for iPhone users. I know, I am not Photographer expert yet, but I really enjoy take some pictures on whatever look interesting for me. Before I using Smartphone, my Photography tools is Panasonic Lumix FZ8, the one and only tools to take same pictures.

iPhone 4 - Photography App Weapons
iPhone 4 - Photography App Weapons

Then on April 2010, I got my first Smartphone. HTC Desire, I love it and enjoy it much more. With 5MP, I can take some pictures whatever I want and needed. In the last October my another journey has began.

I got my first iPhone, iPhone 4 with multi touch, 5MP with flash and many more. Than I began explore much more in App Store, what I can do with this phone. I found some interesting app to be supporter my Photography activities. And here is some of them

Default Camera App

For some reason I need quickly take a shot, I only use Default Camera App, if I take some picture in the bright sun, or have a good light, using this app is good enough


Instagram is my new way to share your photos, using this App I can share what I take online and share it again on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare easily, numerous instant effect really cool and just perfect


Before I get ProCamera, I was hear on the web there are really good app that called Camera+ the problem happen on April – July 2010, this app make an update and create posibilites to taken same pictures using physically volume button using Easter Eggs or Secret Ways. But Apple didn’t like it, they said this app break TOS, so until today Camera+ not yet come back to App Store, I don’t know way.

So I began explore and found ProCamera, for me the newest update really good and very very wonderful as photography tools in my iPhone.

Why I choose ProCamera, there are so many reason like

  • Easy Expert Mode for full control (iPhone 4 + 3GS)
  • Capture stunning photos & videos in full size and full resolution: HD videos on your iPhone 4 (720p) and HQ videos on your iPhone 3GS (480p).
  • Full support of iOS 4 and its Multitasking features lets you snap a picture the second you re-open ProCamera.
  • ProCamera stores all EXIF information (plus the compass heading) to your photos so that iPhoto and other photo management tools can utilize them too, e.g. for Places features.

Jeremy Kessel from MobileCrunch has said

ProCamera takes the iPhone camera that much closer to the real thing!

Gizmodo give Gold Medal as The Best Camera Apps 2010 Awards

There are still many useful app that you can get, such as Path, Hipstamatic and Pocketbooth, WiFi Photo, TiltShift, SharePhoto, Polarize, PS Express and much more

How about your? Which one your Favorite iPhone Apps for Photography?


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