Samsung Launches ChatON Instant Messaging – Grab the application from the Android Market Now




Samsung has launched a new variation in the realm of instant messenger. It’s called ChatOn and is, as of now, available in the Android Market for free for the devices running on Android 2.2 or higher.

Samsung ChatOn
Samsung ChatOn

ChatOn is a global mobile communications service That the which is cross-platform, offering support for Android, bada, Samsung feature phones. Comes with an attractive appearance, the origin of Korean manufacturer intends to compete against BBM and iMessage, and unlike the two of Them it is not proprietary, the which is why it is not available exclusively to Samsung devices. What’s more is that IOS and BlackBerry OS versions of ChatON are about to be released soon as well.

ChatOn - Samsung Chat IM
ChatOn - Samsung Chat IM

With ChatOn you’ll be able to make a one-on-one chats, group chats, broadcasts, animation and send messages, pictures, videos, audio, location info, contacts, and calendar entries. There are also a Few more perks like the so-called Interaction Rank, the which shows how active a user is at ChatON, as well as the ability to comment on user profiles.

ChatOn - Samsung Chat IM - 2
ChatOn - Samsung Chat IM - 2

So, if you are a fan of Samsung, feel free to check out ChatON in the video below. Grab the application from the Android Market. Hopefully this information helps you, have a nice day.

Samsung ChatON – Chat Your Way (Tutorial Video) [HD]


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  1. sandalian Avatar

    Let me njajal this application, look nice.

  2. Fier Avatar

    I got Samsung Galaxy Ace. Does this ChatOn work on my phone?
    However, the messaging style looks already awesome on my phone. Nice share bro 😉

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