How To Reduce Firefox Memory and CPU Usage

Mozilla Firefox is my default browser on my MacBook Pro, this browser is easy to use and help me...

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Firefox Hits 15.85 Million Download in The First 48 Hours

Latest Mozilla Firefox 4.0 hit new record, in The First 48 Hours has been reached 15.85 million download. You...

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Download Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 12

New Firefox 4 Beta 12 has been released on February 25th, 2011. You can check on the released notes...

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Send To Phone Firefox Extension

If you are Android Froyo and Mozilla Firefox user just like me, you’ll like it ;) We’ve know that...

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Firefox goes mobile

This is what i'm waiting for long time, Firefox goes mobile. The Code Name was Fennec and realesed the...

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Make Firefox Faster

From they write nice article about how to make firefox run more faster Read Full Story

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