Learn CodeIgniter with ShawnMcCool


Lately I learn CodeIgniter again. It's because I want to develop an accounting application that can be use in many platform and the choices is CodeIgniter framework. As an initial learning, we must understand a little about the structure of files and folders from CodeIgniter itself. And then we learn the syntax and build an application.

Mengenal jQuery

How To Fix jQuery Conflict


I am not yet become jQuery expert, but I had learned a lot from this code, my jQuery Guru told me about this code very well. So when I got some problem I will go to him :D and almost all my problem will be solved, except this one :D Why he can't solved this? It's because last night he can't be focused on my problem, he still have some jobs at the office, so I am baking you pardon if I was disturbing you my guru ;) So the next answer in my WordPress problem is Uncle Google of course :D . After look around for a while and analyzing my jQuery code was conflict with other variable code. So I began to explored how to fix it and what should I do, until I got the easy solutions how to fixed the jQuery conflict, all that I need to do just fix the variable, because it need a unique variable to make this jQuery code working.

Customizing themes with ajax jQuery


Making themes to be prefect was never ending story. When we try to make a new breakthrough with new stuff into our themes then there will be more and more customization. jQuery is one of wordpress compatibility besides prototype library. For an example I took jQuery lightbox plugin from pedrolamas. This plugin make your thumbnail more pretty. The major purpose Customizing themes with jQuery is how to make the reader more comfortable and enjoy to read the information. Another example of using jQuery is Events Calendar. You can manage the event calendar and shows up into your blog/site. Or maybe you need a custom comment with ajax like WP Wall which is put your comment at the sidebar and update directly without reloading the page.