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Mengganti Apple MacBook Air Battery Original

Cara Terbaik Menjaga Kesehatan Battery Apple MacBook Air dan PC Laptop Lainnya

Di Internet, masih banyak berteberan informasi simpang siur mengenai Cara Terbaik Menjaga Kesehatan Battery Laptop dan Khususnya Apple MacBook Air. Dan kami akan mencoba mengupasnya.

Hal utama, Apple sendiri mengatakan kalau MacBook Air ini akan mengalami penurunan simpan daya setelah cycle count lebih dari 1000. Apa akibatnya dengan penurunan daya yang dapat di simpan di battery? Tentu saja Ketahanan batttery atau lamanya Battery MacBook Air bekerja tanpa daya dari luar akan semakin pendek. Lanjutkan membaca

How To Find Your Laptop if Lost or Stolen with Prey Apps

Laptop, netbook, desktop, or Android device is our favorite items. And ofcourse having that device lost or stolen can be a horrible experience for use. Fortunately now there are solutions to prevent that happening.

Laptop Theft

Laptop Theft

Thanks to the light, easy to use, and Open Source project Prey, you can set it up to find you device. Here I will share how to use it. You can use a Windows 7 netbook, but it also works on Mac, Linux, and Android devices. There’s no support for iOS devices but hopefully that will come in the future. Lanjutkan membaca

Recommended Applications for your Laptop Battery

BatteryCare is an application that was created to optimize the use and performance of batteries in modern notebooks. BatteryCare monitor the battery discharge cycle, and is claimed to increase the lifespan of the battery usage. BatteryCare can be downloaded from the fi le size of 1,096 KB.

BatteryCare Site

BatteryCare Site

  1. Download, extract, and install as usual.
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Top Laptops Software Development

As I fill my free time, I tried to summarize some Apps, downloads, and services that will be extremely useful and must be owned by your laptop. Hopefully this post helps you. There are so many software/Apps available right now, from Free software until paid version. We wil trying to make a list of them. So enjoy our list and we hope you’ll like it our Top Laptop Utilities and Security Apps Downloads

Sony VAIO Y Series Green

Sony VAIO Y Series Green

These tools are useful for protecting your laptop, enhancing connectivity, managing files and media, and or customizing your Windows laptop.

And most of Them are free. Let’s look together. Lanjutkan membaca