The New Monster Truck Rally Racer Game ; MEGASTUNT Mayhem Pro for Android




On this occasion we will discuss about something new. We will discuss about a game. It is a new monster truck rally racer game for Android called MEGASTUNT Mayhem.

MEGASTUNT Mayhem Pro - 1
MEGASTUNT Mayhem Pro - 1

It’s the perfect action sports game that mixes racing, showmanship and total destruction into one thrilling experience. Being able to drive around and cause carnage while hitting jumps and doing flips or barrel rolls with big ol tires.

MEGASTUNT Mayhem Pro - 2
MEGASTUNT Mayhem Pro - 2

Big air and stunts along with crazy hard wrecks will earn you points and cash, plus the crowd will go wild. With multiple challenges, level up, vehicle add-ons and more they’ve really included almost everything you could want into a monster truck game.


  1. Take your Truck to the Stadium to begin your Freestyle career
  2. High-flying, high-speed, high-octane, Monster Truck Extravaganza
  3. Perform outrageous and over-the-top nitro-fueled stunts
  4. Push the limits of your Trucks by enhancing the Performance Stats
  5. Continue your Career with Destruction and SmashPoint spectacles
  6. Invest in DLC Trucks which will give you the edge in the Global Rankings
  7. A variety of Trucks are available with different mechanics and visuals
  8. OpenFeint Achievements
  9. OpenFeint Leaderboards
  10. OpenFeint Cinematic Event Replays

MEGASTUNTâ„¢ Mayhem – Launch Trailer (Official HD)

The graphics are excellent and realistic with reflections, plus crashes and physics truly look awesome. With glass and truck parts flying all over the place you’ll surely feel right at the stadium during gameplay.

MEGASTUNT Mayhem Pro - 3
MEGASTUNT Mayhem Pro - 3

The game developers, Level Eight, also mention they have huge plans for the game with multiple updates coming soon. We can expect to see more monster trucks, new vehicle mods and tweaks, as well as a few new game modes coming in the future. This was just a quick look and hands-on with a new awesome game for Android phones and tablets. Plus, A developer that plans to keep their app updated and bring more content for the same low price gets my vote so be sure and check it out. It’s available in the market right now. Please feel free to download it now and feel a new sensation on your Android.


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