WordPress Theme: Shofi

Shofi Theme

Shofi is 2 day development WordPress Theme, Shofi created using Grid CSS Framework 960.gs, I choose Grid 24 for Shofi WordPress Theme, this theme build in with many features, such as

Shofi Theme
Shofi Theme
  • Grid Based Layout (960.gs Framework)
  • Widget Ready
  • Recent Comment without any plugin
  • Nicely Recent Post
  • Left and Right sidebar
  • Auto Grabbed Image and re sized it on the fly
  • With or without custom field image
  • Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License

Shofi Plugins Needed

Download Shofi

You can download this theme on this link below

[download id=”44″]


Check Shofi Demo


How To Insert Post Image?
Post Image is grabbed automatically from the content, all need to do just put your images on your content and let’s the script do it automatically.

Dont’ Forget
Don’t forget to chmod cache 777 on this folder to make it work

Ver. 1.1

33 Replies to “WordPress Theme: Shofi”

  1. Hi,

    I try to use the theme but the post does not show. I am using wordpress 2.92. Do you happen to know why?


  2. Hello, I am very beautiful thema, how can I put a logo where the word is now green, I would like to customize a little, thanks

  3. I like this theme but can’t get the thumbnails to work with a image from a url. The thumbnails do show if on the local server but not external.

    I have downloaded the latest tomthumb.php and thats the same no url images.

    Any workaround ?

  4. sip neh :) dah nyoba tp jadi blank :(
    and , napa musti pake WP Pagenavi ama Breadcrumb NavXT ,
    kan bisa dimasukin ke function-nya :)

  5. I like this theme.

    Can you make the area between the header and the menu bar widgetized so that we can add widgets.

    The area which we can edit from the theme area inside #blink.

    Thank you.

  6. This looks like a great theme and I can’t wait to check it out :) You might want to update your blog post on the theme though – the theme page link in that post gave me a “not found” page – I had to scour your site to find this :)

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