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use google driveOne service that awaited back to get the latest news, Google Drive. Having earlier preached to add new applications, now the TalkAndroid site source leaked a screenshot of Google which shows that Google Drive will present a greater capacity to be used for free.

Formerly the TalkAndroid site also leaked that the capacity offered only 2GB free. The reason why there are two screenshots that show two different capacity remains mysterious. Despite speculation it could have come from different levels of development is therefore both good capacity 2GB and 5GB capacities final could not be presented to the public.

If comes with 5GB capacity for free users, this will make the competition online storage services to be interesting. Currently Dropbox which is the most popular service only offers 2GB of capacity for free users, while other services are Box also offers 5GB for free users.

Several years ago, Google launched a project codenamed “Platypus” an online storage service although eventually the project was canceled. Some analysts say that Google Drive is an evolution of Google Docs service. But compared to Google Docs, Google Drive will feature more rich so that Google Drive can become a place to store all types of files rather than just as a place to process documents and have components that must be installed on the PC users.

You will also be given some services which will help us in the process and share files, especially those who have a Google account, so it can perform multiple applications, such as updates, share, view, or some other function provided by Google drive.


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