5 Must Have and Installed Android Apps

After Get my first Android Phone (HTC Desire) I have play around with default apps that I got on my HTC Desire, I know HTC Sense is great, Live Wallpaper is nice and many many more. But for some reason we need to get Apps that fit for my daily usage. Now, I will share it 5 Must Installed Androids Apps and make you Android great!. Please notes, this Apps is random order.

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS Conversation Screen shoot

Handcent SMS Conversation Screen shoot

Messaging Apps by HTC is Good Enough, but I need Messages Apps that handled much better. Handcent SMS is the right one, you can choose theme for you Chat Based interface such on iPhone, many options/settings available such as Custom Font, Custom Size, Nicely Widget, Pop Up SMS, Quick Compose and many many more. (Free Ads Supported on Setting Menu)

Launcher Pro

Laucher Pro App

Laucher Pro App

There are so many Launcher available, HTC Sense is nice Launcher too, but after I test Launcher Pro. This is what I looking for, many options. Nide Docks, Custom Home Screen, 3D Drawer and many more (Free and Paid version with many Widgets)


JuiceDefender Advanced Options

JuiceDefender Advanced Options

Ultimate Power saving for Android battery, this apps is control your data access, so you can save more battery on your Android Devices. UltimateJuice is Upgrade version to unlock limited ability on JuiceDefender. Read More

TuneWiki for Android

TuneWiki Android App

TuneWiki Android App

This is Music Player Apps and replace my default Music App, why TuneWiki. Support Album Artwork, Display Lyrics with time based on the fly, Comment on the web and many more. (Free with Ads Supported, Paid to remove the Ads)

Cardio Trainer

Cardio Trainer for Android

Cardio Trainer for Android

Right Now I have weight problem, so on the first time installed this Apps, it’s help me enough, more than I expected. With Cardio Trainer I can track my exercise, include Running, Walking, Swimming, Biking, Yoga, Fitness and many more. You can purchased additional apps such us weigh loss program, Race Against Yourself and many more (Free and Upgrade featured)

Beside Apps on this list, we also enjoying Some Android Apps, I call this list honorable mentions Android Apps and there are (Barcode Scanner, 3Banana App, Advanced Killer Manager App, AppMonster App, Facebook for Android App, Twitter for Android App, Seesmic App, Gowalla App, Foursquare App and many default Apps from Google Such as YouTube App, GMail App, Google Search App, Google Maps App, Google Talk App and many more)

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  1. Android User says:

    My favourite Android app is the Rush Poker Mobile

  2. mada says:

    androitan terus arek iki

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