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To understand the function of SEO as a whole there is no definitive guide. But at least you can try some simple guidelines are taken based on the experience of the webmaster. The use of SEO techniques are very simple indeed be a reference for some people, especially those new to internet marketing strategy. SEO techniques are so many benefits, one of which is to assess the quality of a blog on search engines, especially Google and Yahoo. But you can also apply some of these techniques according to the ability you have, whichever is easiest to apply.

SEO tipsWriting quality content : One of the easiest things to implement SEO techniques is to write quality content, be it news, article, tips, and some categories. With content that the reader will feel that the article, so that they can easily find your blog or website.

Blog walking : In building the SEO, backlinks are important things that is considered by search engines. To get a quality backlink usually people will tend to do a variety of ways, although this is still a debate. To get natural backlinks you can apply some simple ways, such as a blog walking to multiple blogs with the same topic.

Social media : Benefits of social media is quite significant, it is characterized by the increasing number of people using the existing facilities on the micro blogging. The various features and facilities offered are for your own choice, where you can determine easily, which social media will be used as a media to promote your blog.


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5 responses to “Best and simple SEO tips”

  1. Irawan Avatar

    after a google plus social media is one factor supporting seo especially on google but I do not even clever use of social media ..
    thanks for all the above information

  2. Ramzi Avatar

    google seems to want to always provide a good search result for that we are required to create quality content
    thank you

  3. Grizzly Internet Marketing Avatar

    It’s a constantly changing landscape. There are a lot of SEO forums out there that serve as a good resource for beginners. Just do a google search on it.

  4. المواهب المتجددة Avatar

    Although we are still in the beginning of the road to understanding many secrets about SEO and how many successful large sites estimated to achieve success .. But these tips benefit a lot to learn the basics step by step
    thank you

  5. Collective Freelancer Avatar

    Thanks for this. It was a very handy article. I wrote some SEO tips that fans and followers are the new backlinks. Is that true? Is social media getting more and more important?

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