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This month is the first time for the company I work for to ask every manager and key persons to write a weekly report, latest on Monday morning. Since there is only two people in my department, me and my friend, each of us just need to write in our own PC and then join the files. We did this in the end of the week.

Finally I figured out that sometime I or him forgot what we have done within a week 😀 and sometime he worked from remote office. So to remember all of our activities, I set up a blog within the intranet for my department. Our activities and problems we faced (and solutions) are published there. In the end of the week, I just need to read the posts and copy-paste them to the weekly report form. 😀

My job is getting easier and simpler. While everyone are busy on writing down typing their reports, I enjoy my time on playing with my script or server.

By the way, in my first report, I add a note “To view our up to date activities please visit http://intranet/it/“. 😀


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3 responses to “Intranet Blogging”

  1. prast Avatar

    I do like yours last year. But no response from my colleague.
    They like to write down all their activity on email.

  2. Anak Medan Avatar

    lol, thats a quite simple but clear mind! Excelent… 😀 nice idea to follow …. ;):)>-

  3. bomme Avatar

    😕 myb they must change there style, but the idea are good

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