Latest Tips : How to speed up your Blackberry




For the BlackBerry users, of course it’s very annoying when your gadget running very slow when running the application.


And to solve the problem here are some tips that can make your Blackberry run faster. Here is a trick to speed it up:

The first trick is:

  • Press the ALT key on the homescreen
  • While holding down the ALT key, type: LGLG
  • The new window will appear containing a log of activity Blackberry
  • Press the Menu (BlackBerry logo) and select Clear Log
  • Then, exit. And you can feel the speed of the Blackberry that had been slow


  • Be sure not too many applications are running, press the Blackberry (menu) for a while, so you can see a list of applications running, or it could also press the ALT + Escape to see the application running on the Blackberry. Turn off unused applications, go to the application, press the Blackberry button and select Close.


  • Wear Common Theme, not to weight. The weight theme can be very costly, so consequently the Blackberry can be slow. In addition always cleaned the Blackberry Browser Cache periodically.


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