Monotouch 2.0 for iPad, it’s compatible?




ipadNovell has announced the release of Monotouch 2.0, which was created based on the Mono project, from a development NET framework that is open source. But whether this application can be compatible with some modern gadgets? It seems still need to be tried in the use of the application. By using Monotouch, developers can create applications for the iPhone operating system platforms using Mono multi-service application.

MonoTouch Release 2.0 also can produce the compilation of the file sizes smaller, more modern devices such support for Apple, which Apple iPad, and increase support for using the shark and the instrument profile. In addition to improving performance, MonoTouch 2.0 also adopts the latest NET application support, such as JSON, WCF, LINQ, XML, and also the IDE. Some applications are now widely used for a combination of multi-function smart phone, which in addition to functioning as a communication device, as well as a lifestyle that demands a complete performance and also flexible.

For that, MonoTouch application, the first time you start tried also based functions will be in may, in addition to ease of use of the application, especially if used on a few gadgets that are already supporting multiple multimedia function and also all office applications, so this will greatly help us. In addition, one advantage is the ease of application MonoTouch to create a program that can be applied in a variety of serial output of the Apple iPad, where the making of the program itself is very easy to use, so you will not experience difficulty if you never tried the application. The main thing we have to consider if we want to use this kind of application is a function of the application itself, such as compatibility, ease of use, and also features offered by the application developer.


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