Need For Speed Undercover with Hollywood Star as a Model




2rcucew As you see this picture, Maggie-Q has confirm that she’s become the model of the EA new release Need For Speed Undercover which will be release at November,18 2008 at US and November 21, in Europe. I like this beautiful Hollywood artist and I do love Need For Speed 🙂

The previous release like Most Wanted and Pro Street, we can have race with bad guys and we act like a bad guy too. Chasing by the police and Crush them all 🙂 I like this part, because I need more point to go to the next level.

Now, I still don’t have much information about the Undercover but when you see the slogan from the trailer, we can choose as a bad guy or else, “Trust No One“.

Listen to the Trailer is like this :

You’re not a Cop, you’re not anybody.
You’re not good and you’re not bad.
You blend and you listen, and you don’t trust anyone.
Once you go under, you’re on your own.

This games available on : Xbox 360â„¢, PLAYSTATION® 3, PLAYSTATION® 2, Wiiâ„¢, PSP® (Playstation® Portable), Nintendo DSâ„¢, PC-DVD
Here’s the Video Trailer of Need For Speed Undercover


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8 responses to “Need For Speed Undercover with Hollywood Star as a Model”

  1. anima Avatar

    I think I’ve seen the trailer and the behind the scene on startv, keren abis! pengen beli PS3 🙁

  2. Human x4 Avatar

    Sum up the very good!

  3. dimaks Avatar

    i have been playing NFSU since 3 years ago and i loved it. the underground 2 was a hit and i completed the race and all the challenges in it. great game!

  4. Bayu Aditya Avatar

    gamenya keren abis! ditambah dengan model gituan, komplit, plit

  5. […] cegah satwa punah ini sangat banyak, bayangkan gimana bisa santai apalagi main maze game atau NFS mod, malam jadi siang, siang jadi malam, wordpress kena inject gak sempet ikutan kontes busby seo […]

  6. rajapayloadz Avatar

    memang best! :d

  7. Fikar Avatar

    nyari di torrent ah…:d

  8. Buy PSP Go Avatar

    She was a great addition to this game…

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