Angry Birds Developer acquired by EA

Chillingo developer of touch game Angry Birds has been acquired by EA (Electronics Arts) for $20 Million Dollars. Reported from The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital has been  posted some interesting details today regarding a potential acquisition of Chillingo by the hand of gaming giant EA. Another source Reuters confirmed that the sale price … Continue reading Angry Birds Developer acquired by EA

Need For Speed Undercover with Hollywood Star as a Model

Maggie-Q has confirm that she's become the model of the EA new release Need For Speed Undercover which will be release at November,18 2008 at US and November 21, in Europe. I like this beautiful Hollywood artist and I do love Need For Speed :) The previous release like Most Wanted and Pro Street, we can have race with bad guys and we act like a bad guy too. Chasing by the police and Crush them all :) I like this part, because I need more point to go to the next level. Now, I still don't have much information about the Undercover but when you see the slogan from the trailer, we can choose as a bad guy or else, "Trust No One".