Clean up virus using Trial Antivirus


Lately, I have a problem with local Virus that I just can't remove it directly using Free Antivirus like, Avira, AVG, or Rising Antivirus. In a local antivirus like PC-MAV can do the job very well, but I'm not satisfied with this antivirus because I've got memory leak using PC-MAV. Unfortunately my PC already infected by "yuyun" viruses and automatically create "Autorun.inf". This virus was not deadly but it created many shortcut that look like a folder. So, it's double up the real folder in my PC. This condition happened to almost all the PC at the Office.

Tips: Updating the Expired Avira AntiVir Personal


Lately Avira Free Antivirus at my office was Expired because I used the Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus. The problem is I can't download the latest update of Avira, so I can't protected the PC from viruses attack :)