Rumor – Blackberry Akan Dibeli Samsung Sebesar 7,5 Milliar Dolar

Akuisisi perusahaan lain merupakan salah satu mengembangkan perusahaan yang sudah ada. Seperti halnya yang dilakukan Microsoft yang baru saja membeli Nokia, atau Motorola yang juga telah berganti kepemilikan menjadi milik Lenovo. Kini segera menyusul Samsung Electronics yang merupakan salah satu perusahaan elektronik asal asia - Korea Selatan. Kabarnya Samsung menyiapkan dana sekitar 7,5 milliar dolar … Continue reading Rumor – Blackberry Akan Dibeli Samsung Sebesar 7,5 Milliar Dolar

Blackberry Messenger Coming to iOS and Android (Officially Announced)

Blackberry messenger coming to iOS and Android. Are you drunk, dude? Fortunately not, Blackberry officially announced on Blackberry Live in Orlando on Tuesday (14/5/2013). CEO Thorsten Heins announced that this summer they will make the trademark BlackBerry messaging service available as a third-party app to the two most popular smart platforms — iOS and Android. … Continue reading Blackberry Messenger Coming to iOS and Android (Officially Announced)

Download Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is Multiplatform Messenger, it's support Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. Let's we start with this litle story. So, you are BlackBerry Messenger user fanatics? I know some of my colegue and friends has said. BlackBerry Messenger is one think that made BB user very fanatics with this Gadget. The Most Problem is BB Messenger … Continue reading Download Kik Messenger

Indosat Blackberry 8310 for “mudik”

Hello everybody, today is one of big days in Islam its called "Idul fitri", May Allah SWT accept our prays and fasting in all this month. Well, now I'd like to share about Indosat Blackberry 8310 Smartphone series. When you go back home or in Indonesia often called "MUDIK", I belived you to handle everything in the Internet or something to with emails or even you need to track down your location or colegas using GPS. Well, usually we used GSM gadget like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, and many more gadget. few days ago, my big boss gadget arrived, he want to go "MUDIK LEBARAN" to his motherland :). He bought unusual gadget Blackberry 8310 from Indosat. I hope he can use this gadget, because if we can't maximized the gadget than it will be useless. So, go get "mudik" with Indosat Blackberry 8310 sir, don't forget to installed the application at your laptop :) but if you don't have it, download here.