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Picking a Good Web Hosting Company


It is important for good web hosting company to keep your website open and your costs. There are many to choose as well as different pricing plans examiner. Depending on the number of sites that you intend to build, you might consider a larger space in the long term. You must start with the smallest web space that allows you to test the water, just in case niche website Internet marketing does not work for you. You may add later, so make sure your provider offers this option. You want to choose a supplier of reliable service. If your site is down or takes too long to open when visitors try to obtain what can lead to click on your site and move to the next. They will most likely not visit in the future will remember their bad experience. For this reason, it is probably better to take a well-known company that you can check reliable references. There are many small hosting providers offer space for as little as $ 50 to $ 1 per month, but you never know what you get and many of them want you to pay at least a year advance worthwhile.

Choosing Web Hosting


Online business become very famous nowadays especially after google launched into the Index market. If we talk about online business, the first thing we need is a name to order as a domain and web hosting. This two thing is very important if you really serious in online business. In fact, many goods or manufacture company turn into online business as one of their brand and promotion tools. And for news company, they can earn more profit from the online news that offered to the reader and now the build web TV to get more visitors. It's become a great prospect and if you're interesting with this business so you need to read this articles closely.

Web Hosting by PickaWeb


Blogging in a free blog hosting provider is an option for you who have no budget to buy your own domain and a hosting space. I had my blog runs in a free blog server and now it has Pagerank of 4. As you know that you can monetize your pageranked blog by selling links or for paid review.s I lost that opportunity because of the TOS (term of service) of the provider states that I can not monetize my blog if using their free service. If you have a vision about your blog as well as its future, you should consider about having your own domain name and hosting space. Domain name and hosting space are cheap now so you do not need a lot of money just to start your own blog. The next question is where to buy domain and hosting.

How To Choose Web Hosting?


Choosing web hosting is not easy because there a lot of web hosting providers available on the net. The offer web many products and services with different price. A package in company A maybe the same as company B has, but in different price. One is cheaper. In order to find the right web hosting, here is the checklist:

  • Prices You should find web hosting which suite with your budget. If none available, try to increase your budget :D
  • Quality of service You should concern about quality. Your website must have no downtime. You can search users’ testimonials on the net. The quality also determined by the quality of network and the server hardware.
  • Customer Support Everyone wants to be special. You as a customer should be handled well by the company. If you have a problem with your account, then customer support is the one you should contact. Good customer supports a good point for a company.
  • Company reputation How long the company have runs the business also effect on their experience on handling services to customers. New companies maybe have a good reputation also or maybe you want to give them a chance.
  • Company location Actually there is no problem to choose a web hosting that far away from you. The problem occurs when you need to make a phone call conversation. Long distance phone call will cost you much.
  • What people are saying What people says about the company is another thing you should consider. Even there are true in fact or not, but it will help you to decide to order or not.

How To Choosing Web Hosting


I'd like to share about how to choose the best web hosting. We need to be selected choosing web hosting because we put all our files and web database in there. OK, here's some tips from me to share with you. Company Location Web hosting provider should has office address, and other legality thing to support them. Try using whois to check the web hosting provider domain. Prices I'm sure you like the lowest price right ;) So, choose the best and reasonable price. Compare with other company and it must be fair, you have to compare the same facility for the price compariton. Features and facility Like as I say before, comparative the price including all the features and facility and what the important for you website, not only for now but for 5 to 10 years later. Maybe some company give you many features that you might not needed so it' useless, so pick carefully and fit it with the prices. Don't read the testimonial I think all they wrote about the testimonial were only in good side, so ignored it to read this testimonies articles, but you might need to read review from other blogs. and many more...