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  • Display WordPress Hook Functions

    If you are WordPress Developer, Themes Developer or Plugin Developer, you will enjoy this functions, this code original made by Rast and was published on WP Recipes. This function is perfect for me, because with this little code we can display all WordPress Hook available and we can play around with it. Why we need […]

  • Tips Hijriah Themes FREE Version

    Jauhari has just launch the new Themes called HIJRIAH. I have download it and try into my local wordpress 2.7. Now I’d like to share a tips to handle this Hijriah themes Free so it will make it pretty and powerful. 1. Customize Themes Functions on functions.php By default Hijriah Themes has default setting with some variables that we can changes as we wish for. Here’s the code at functions.php // Theme Variable $totale = 5; $cat_exclude = ‘4,7,8,48’; $totale means the total of post per page like we usually set on the options of wp-admin. This variable has the effect of the recent post at the sidebar. You will see the recent post will not shows the title of the post list at the main page and when you click the detail at single page the recent post will shows like usually. $cat_exclude We can manage the top navigation, because it’s created using the categories. $cat_exclude means the category id list that won’t appear at the navigation. If you has many categories and put the opposite of this setting, you can changes the exclude become include function and here’s the step :