Tips for choosing Antivirus for Computer


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Virus attack on your PC is a common thing to happen. Therefore, choose a quality antivirus is required. The goal is to prevent further damage to the computer equipment. The virus can be obtained from anywhere, for example exchanging files via flash disk or while surfing the internet. Prevent entry of the virus into the computer is the duty of the antivirus. Even if the virus has entered into the computer, the antivirus can still remove it from spreading inside the system.

best antivirus for pc

Nowadays we can easily find antivirus, both free and paid. You may choose the free because it is cheaper and does not require a contract. However, it should be understood that free antivirus does not give you the best features. If you want to wear a more complete feature, then choose the pay.

The first is to know your needs. Everyone certainly has different ways of wearing a computer device. Some like to use it for office work, play games, some are using it to surf. If you are a computer user is always connected to the Internet, then choose a paid antivirus.

There are several programs that are devoted to monitor your activity to make it more secure when surfing. Online account is one of the most important for safekeeping. Not a few people who facebook or twitter her account hacked by people who are not responsible. Things like this can not be completely avoided, but at least you can improve security by choosing the best antivirus.

Next, you also have to check the completeness of the features. Each company has different ways of developing their antivirus. The following are some of the features and fittings that should be available. The first is a real time scanning. When you first turn on your laptop or computer, antivirus should already running. Similarly, when you want to open an application or explore the virtual world.

If antivirus detects any suspicious programs, then he should immediately give notification on the screen. Although the features realtime scanning is needed, but you also need to manually scan to check the system in more depth.


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