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DV WarehouseEver dreaming about having a new Mac but do not have enough money? Have you ever think about buying used Mac to save your money? DVWareHouse is the right place for you. They offer up to 50% to 75% discount of new & used Macs equipment prices.

In their website, you can find used Macs such as Power Mac G5, iBook Laptop, Apple Powerbook and Mini Mac. DV Warehouse’s used Macs division fulfills a need within the Apple community for a single source for used Macs and Macintosh computers.

DV Warehouse offers:

  • A great deal on any Used Mac Product on any various models. Upgrades are optional.
  • Fast, friendly free consulting on Used Macs, demos and quotes along with sound professional advice.
  • Used macs discount. Normally industry professionals, hobbyist recieve up to a 10% markdown.

They are also be a one stop shop for broadcasters & editors from the entertainment industry, dedicated to providing the best online catalog & purchasing experience for all computing and pro A/V equipment needs.

I do not use Mac right now, but Jauhari does. He has a MacBook Pro 2.4. I am thinking about buying a Mini Mac. It will be great if it is displayed with a flat screen.

Fulfil your dream now! Shop for used Macs at DVWareHouse.Com and have your own Mac.


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3 responses to “Used Macs From DVWareHouse.Com”

  1. chazzuka Avatar

    ada garansinya ngga? just incase misalnya barangnya rusak pas nyampe disini …

  2. barbara mahler Avatar
    barbara mahler

    many of my applications from my old g4 did not transfer onto this refurbished on, including i tune, i moave, toast lite….word, everything i need in fact…just a bunch of question marks on the bottom……..
    i want to return this untless i recieve some how to info on……..

  3. CJ Avatar

    Had really bad experience with

    – Purchased iBook G3 and an upgrade to 512mb + airport card from
    – shipped the wrong item (less memory) then what I paid for
    – refused to upgrade back to the item I purchased
    – I contacted during the warranty period for service and you ignored all my inquiries and phone calls
    – finally got in touch with Carol Ravaghi who’s listed as their VP on Hoovers, who basically told me to piss off.

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