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Worst Underline and Link UsageI ever wrote about the reason why link should be underlined. Just now I found a website that made me confused while reading their page. As shown on the screenshoot, if you see it on the first sight, you will be confused: which one is link, which one is not?.

You may check it, but do not forget to leave your comments.


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6 responses to “Wrong Usage Of Underline”

  1. sikantis Avatar

    I never click immediately on a underlined word, I always check it first. But you’re right, it’s confusing.

  2. daustralala Avatar

    Mestinya dia belajar sama Jauhari 😉

  3. chazzuka Avatar

    menurut saya link tidak harus di underline tetapi harus berbeda secara visual dengan teks biasa, dan hover effect adalah essential untuk text link dimana akan lebih meng-indikasikan bahwa text tersebut adalah link.

    tetapi untuk penekanan seperti website diatas underline memang kurang pas, lebih cocok bold atau pewarnaan yang berbeda.

  4. Dr. Bardou Avatar

    Yeah, it’s really bad idea to do links so. I’ve oriented only for keyword “Click here”

  5. SystemsThinker Avatar

    I just use color to indicate links, not underline.

  6. Rudi Avatar

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