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Koprol is a social networking site based on location. However where information had not been too exciting details, especially those beyond. This is because the site is still new. So that Koprol more complete, you can add favorite places in Koprol. But in this case you can not arbitrarily insert the address entered in Koprol. This is because the Koprol can only accept suggestions if you’ve been active in Koprol for a long time. Some things you could encounter in the Koprol include the following:

Connections to Facebook and Twitter
You can do Facebook and Twitter updates directly from the Koprol, as for the way he is:

  • Login to your account Koprol
  • Click the menu “Setting> Sharing”
  • Below the menus Koprol & Facebook, click the Connect button and follow the instructions in blue in the window that appears. You will be taken back to Koprol with click Allow access. For Twitter, the selected menu is Connect with Twitter.
  • Put a check in the check post if you want you are and location information is distributed through Facebook and check in the Post stream.
  • After that, click Save to save the settings.
  • If the above steps you’ve done, now you can have updates on Facebook and Twitter status directly from the Koprol. To do this simply type the command with the format “fb: message” to update Facebook, “tw: message” to update Twitter.

Add a place

  • Enter the name of a favorite place you on the search field located at the top of the screen.
  • When a place name is not found, click the “Add New Place”. Then enter the name of the place you suggested, and then click “Next”.
  • Show location using Google Maps.
  • Click submits to send the information.
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