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  • BCA: 8160548453
  • Mandiri: 1370007623248
  • BRI: 015301000007566
  • BNI: 5284118-1

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  5. Spas in Chicago
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  10. Michael Jaschek
  11. Umbul Tech
  12. Kurt Sayce
  13. WorkBloom Blog Team
  14. Victor Alderman
  15. Anuar Marzuki
  16. Bad Credit Loans
  17. Chuck Gillooley
  18. Florian Mayer
  19. Dana Chen
  20. Pramono
  21. Dino Journal
  22. Slang O’ The Day
  23. Noobpreneur Business Blog
  24. Affiliate ROI Inc
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  33. Al Gallia
  34. WordPress Themes
  35. Kamal Firdausi
  36. Diet & Weight Loss Review
  37. Tok Mudin
  38. Maria Langer
  40. Faxless Payday loans
  41. Juniamission
  42. Cul de Sac
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  44. Derrick Grant
  46. Apis
  47. GameXManiac
  48. Clooney Network
  49. Home and Holidays
  50. Read With Me

16 Replies to “Donation List”

  1. boleh kenal lebih jauh saya juga dari Sleman, sekarang di Malang, masih Gaptek, ingin belajar lebih banyak dari pak Jauhari

  2. Great blog but I do agree with datel you should lower your $50 fee. I never knew that paypal charge people for donations.

  3. Hi Jauhari,

    I’ve seen some really interesting insights on this site – I can see you’re a big lover of technology.

    Would you be interested in a guest post about some of the innovations outdoors? We’ve done some very cool stuff with artificial grass and it’s technologically cutting edge for the industry.

    Let me know!


  4. salam kenal mas jauhari, sy pake theme wp yg mas buat, kalo mau donasi ke rekening bank indonesia bisa gak nih? noreknya ? blm punya paypal soalnya…trims banyak.

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