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PalestineFree WordPress Theme, build with Grid Basic Layout, Black color and unique design in detail. Palestine also featured special archive. Why I give the name of this theme Palestine? It’s because I don’t want any war on earth. And right now there are unbelievable wars that currently happen in Palestine, More than 1000 people have been killed. Most of them are children.

I can’t believe it that some people have really bad habit like this. I hope with my small contribution with created someWordPress Theme, will be make some change on this earth. There are no reasons to begin war. War is BAD and must be stopped now! Check my Palestine Demo or download Palestine


  1. Congrats om, banyak cara yang bisa lakukan dari jauh untuk menyuarakan perdamaian dan solidaritas. Judul theme nya sama seperti judul blogger template yang Evy buat, semoga semakin banyak mereka yang membuat theme dan template bertema Palestine, supaya tak gampang dilupakan tentang 1000 orang yang meninggal. Tetap semangat!

  2. I want to praise your sensitivity in this matter. It must be told that what is happening now in Gaza is not a war, it is a genocide. I cannot stand watching children dying from the ultra modern israeli weaponry.

  3. Clarencesays:

    Most of them are children? Where are you getting your news, Hamas TV? Are there many children among the dead? Sadly yes. But “most”?

    War is not the right answer in every problem, and I try to contribute to brings a Peace in this world.

    When thousands of rockets are being launched into Israel from Gaza, war is the answer. Israel tried a cease-fire and Hamas declared it over. Not that it was ever really observed.

    And hate to burst your feel-good bubble, but naming your theme a certain name and throwing out gross exaggerations does, uh, nothing at all to bring about peace.

    It must be told that what is happening now in Gaza is not a war, it is a genocide. I cannot stand watching children dying from the ultra modern israeli weaponry.

    Oh, so older Israeli weaponry would be okay, I guess.

    Genocide requires a mass slaughtering of people of a certain race or religion. If Israel wanted to commit genocide, it has the means. The country possesses nuclear weapons. It could also simply go through villages executing people.

    That modern weaponry you decry was developed to lower civilian casualty rates. Unfortunately, Hamas has been shown to hide its fighters from inside civilian houses and in civilian neighborhoods.

    Ask yourself this: If Israel wanted to commit genocide, considering the means it possesses, would it not having killed more than a thousand people — most of them believed to be fighters — since December? If Israel wanted to commit genocide, those numbers would be hundred-fold. Don’t kid yourself.

  4. Some comment disagree with this theme, why? History can remind you what abou Yahudi people. They always think the stronger and the best one. And now why people in the world facing ‘sick’ usually talk about terrorist for muslim. Why Yahudi free from this?

  5. I’m looking for a 980 pixel wide wordpress template with:

    Layout Approximately:

    200 px left column
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    Tabbed horizontal Navigation

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    Email me if you have a source; thanks

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