How to fix Safe Mode on your Windows OS?

Windows safe mode condition is used to securely login to Microsoft when there is an important issue in the operating system. He could be a last resort to fix your problem on the system. For this reason, Windows Safe Mode often targeted by Malware. If your system infected and fail to boot from Safe Mode, you will be hard to fix problems with the system.

windows safe mode fixerTo restore the computer in Safe Mode is infected by malware, you can use SMFixer and we known  Safe Mode Fixer.

Uses the following way:

  • Download Applications SMFixer in this link site.
  • Click the file you download portable that has to run the application and then click fix menu. Windows you will be in the reboot, so make sure you have saved all the work. Also make sure you have administrator rights.
  • At the time of the system running the reboot, press F8 to enter safe mode. Choose Safe Mode that you want on the ‘Advanced Boot Options’

SMFixer can improve the safe mode on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. And to avoid if this trouble make happen again in your system, you can try another application for better result. In some case, there is any paid application to resolve this matter. But to get the best result, you can use best features for each application.


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