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Social media Twitter announced that they support the publication of a document image formats, GIFs. However, these features are present in the new services and applications on iOS and Android. Of course, with this application, you will be more flexibility in the use of some features for some purposes, such as sending a message in the form of animation.

twitter gif animation

Users can see the moving pictures. GIFs on the main menu by clicking the Play button. Twitter deliberately not rotate the image. GIFs automatically to prevent users from downloading large files that are not needed. But the magnitude of the file for the animation is still very limited, so you can not send a file that is quite large in size.

Twitter did receive a lot of requests for support. GIFs as this will provide a fun new experience in viewing a piece of content. Of social networks that exist, it seems the existence of this kind of feature is an essential requirement, especially for those who have frequently used some other social media.

However, the same thing was not done by Facebook. The social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg refused to support. GIFs. This of course will greatly affect the popularity of some of the social media. How about you, whether already tried it?

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