Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorney


If you have been involved in an accident and fled the scene, you may be arrested and charged with hit and run.  If this is you, then you should immediately consult with experienced hit and run lawyer Matthew J. Ruff.  Getting such an experienced hit and run lawyer can make the difference between jail and freedom. What most people do not understand is that the constitution of both California and the United States allow an individual to remain silent and allow an attorney to speak on their behalf when confronted with questioning from the police or governmental agents.  This is important within the context of hit and run cases because what follows a collision where an individual has left the scene is a call from a detective asking probing and very difficult  questions about the details of the accident.  In addition, insurance company adjusters will want immediate answers as to why and how  the car involved in the hit and run caused physical damage and injury.

A Los Angeles Hit and Run Lawyer can be the most valuable resource you can have after being involved in a hit and run crash.  The attorney understands the system, dealing with insurance company representatives, tow companies, police impound yards and detectives from the police agency investigating the accident.  The volume of it all can be overwhelming for most people, having a lawyer on your side, acting as your advocate, speaking on your behalf, can make the difference between a good result and a bad one.

Attorney Matthew J. Ruff is available to meet and confer with you in a discreet consultation toll free at 1-877-213-4453.


  1. Being able to stay clear of prison and out of parole is important, and only qualified, experienced attorneys can help you with that.

  2. Lisa Nolansays:

    Came across as very professional and approachable over the phone, however, his follow up was poor and he says one thing and then during the next conversation, he changes it, says something else, and becomes rude when you question him about it. He actually hung up on me and when I called him back about it, he stated he “thought” we were finished with the call.

    In my case, he failed to follow through with two commitments he agreed to and he became aggravated and rude when he was questioned about it. Hey, I’m the client looking to you for answers and you’re supposed to make me feel better and at ease. This guy stressed me out until I finally decided to hire somebody else, who really did what he said he was going to do.

    I don’t recommend him at all if you’re looking for peace of mind.

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