New features in Google Chrome, Amazing!!

Google Chrome, a web browser from Google Inc. known as a web browser that is lightweight and simple. You may also already know about the features and functions of each of tools contained in the browser. Google Chrome is made by using WebKit technology, which is a rendering engine that previously had been used by some of Apple’s browser output, such as Safari. By using this technology, Google Chrome may be possible to open web pages faster and lighter, so you will be more comfortable in exploring the Internet, right? :):)

By using a minimalist design, will add to the impression if Google Chrome is a lightweight web browser for use. However, the web browser is still interesting for you to try; this is because this browser has many features that can be utilized by the user’s browser.

In this version, Google Chrome provides several new features and improvements to security issues. Several new features provided by Google Chrome are:

  • Strict Security transport
  • And XSS Auditor

The function of these features can be more you optimize for convenience in using the Internet. Some security functions like “clear cookies” automatically also have experienced some improvements.



  1. Although everything about this browser is great i abandoned the use of it just for the simple reason of it CRASHING too OFTEN.Back to Avant which I used to use.

  2. I found myself using more and more Chrome. It can process Javascript faster than other browsers. However, I found that it is not that ‘lightweight’. When you have more and more tabs open, the memory usage can go up quickly. While Firefox’s can stay relatively lower

  3. I love this browser an it´s run better than Firefox on my PC. (Linux)
    Now I hope that Google make a good Browser for my Smartphone.

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