Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition will be released soon

Android smartphone that uses the stock Android OS smartphones have many advantages over other production companies. One is the speed of updates received. In addition to the Nexus, there is a Google Play Edition smartphone that has this feature.

samsung galaxy s5

And now Google Play Edition smartphone row will increase with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Parties Google still has not officially sell the smartphone. But now they have started to include the S5 Galaxy smartphones Google Play Edition at Play Store hers. But for now the phone still can not be purchased by the general public.

Whether it was human error or not, but most likely it will provide the Google phone is the version of Google Play. Moreover, they also have launched previous Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition. So there is a possibility that they will continue that tradition.

Unfortunately there is no information about when the mobile phone Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition will officially go on sale by Google. And about the price, it is likely that the official price posted was going to be cheaper than the original version of the Galaxy S5.

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