Sharing photos and videos on Android

androidIn android 4.0 ice cream sandwich, you can share files and wifi near field communication direct. Wifi shoot is one app that uses wifi direct feature, so users can use wifi android to share images and videos between devices android. In fact, direct wifi does not depend on the FTP server, access point, cloud services, and even an internet connection, so that in future wireless data transfer rate is still likely to be developed. Download wifi shoot first play from google store, precisely at: See how wifi shoot. Make it easy to share your videos and photos:

  • First, make sure your device supports wifi Android direct and shoot app installed and running on the sending and receiving files.
  • To share your photos or videos, open gallery located in android and select the file you want to via wifi you shoot. You will be prompted to enable wifi direct feature on both devices. Then connect the two devices.
  • On the receiving device file will appear pop-up window containing an invitation to connect with the sending device. Once the invitation is received, you can see the SHOOT button in the middle of the screen. SHOOT Tap to start the process of data transfer. You will see a status bar sending.
  • The data can be downloaded via the app found on the wifi folder in SD shoot the CRD.

Note: on the ice cream sandwich, wifi direct feature under more button. Which is Andoid screen settings. While on the jelly bean, it can be accessed by selecting the option from the context menu wifi direct wifi settings on the screen.

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