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Once purchased by Microsoft a few months ago, the skype development remains at the same phase as before. Software that can be used for several applications, such as chat, voice mail, and video call is still popular among users because of features and ease in it. This application still offers several key features, including Skype Out, which is an application used to make calls from Skype to phone and mobile phones worldwide, conference calling, and security in data transfer.

Unfortunately, this is the installation of skype on the fly, which means that installation will be done online so it requires an Internet connection and not easily transferred to another computer. In an update provided no significant changes, only bug fixes and the addition of emoticons, ease of installation, login changes in appearance, and performance improvements to voice and video calls. Facebook users can also use skype to chat directly.

For ease of use of this application should be supported by some of your computer hardware sufficient to support, it is associated with speed and some features that require maximum performance, so you can use some existing features in Skype are more optimally.

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