State of Blogosphere 2008 from technorati

Technorati always make a creative and powerfull report about bloggers. I just find out now technorati has released the State of Blogosphere 2008 at these September. It’s amazed me when I read the reports, technorati has very huge database to analyze all this years, so he can make this valuable report for all of us.

Actually those reports was not finished yet, and I will wait till all those information completed especially for Blogging for profit ;) because I like this part. Here’s I give the rest of completed link the State of Blogosphere 2008 :
Day 1: Who Are the Bloggers?
Day 2: The What And Why Of Blogging
Day 3: The How of Blogging
Day 4: Blogging For Profit
Day 5: Brands Enter The Blogosphere
I hope you enjoy it and keep blogging guys and girls.



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