Twitter Akan menghadirkan Photos Stickers

Twitter Akan menghadirkan Fitur Photos Sticker; Twitter, Jejaring Sosial 140 Karakter yang sangat populer dan perlahan sedikit goyah ini mau nggak mau terus ber improvisasi agar supaya bisa tetap eksis dan pengguna tidak lari ke Platform lain. Nah Twitter akan menambahkan fitur baru setelah sebelumnya hadir dengan Layanan Gif, sekarang Photos juga akan mendapatkan sentuhan … Continue reading Twitter Akan menghadirkan Photos Stickers

Applications for Social Networking

For those of you who frequently use social networking sites would already be familiar with some of the applications you use frequently. Some of these applications can be directly integrated with the site. Each application has different functions. You can adjust, about which applications are in accordance with the mobility you in using these social networking sites. Some applications … Continue reading Applications for Social Networking

Social networking as Marketing Online, are you Interested?

To sell products through social networking (Facebook and Twitter), does not mean simply by giving a list of catalogs and product descriptions on your photo gallery. Other online marketing methods that can be used is to provide articles or content that is useful for visitors to your website pages. This could be the trigger of … Continue reading Social networking as Marketing Online, are you Interested?

How to change Twitter Background?

The existence of a social networking site nowadays has become a trend, especially for those who like to communicate, whether with friends, family, friends, and your special friend. The use of social networking sites seems to be an option to conduct such communications. Besides, we know some similar sites; there are several microblogging sites which … Continue reading How to change Twitter Background?