The advantages of the latest Android version

For those of you who have android smartphone applying, must already know the latest update for the android system, namely Android 4.4 KitKat. Latest from the android system is still new, there are still many who do not eat to get the latest system in some smart phones across multiple vendors. And most still use the android system jellybean, but if you are able to update the phone, you will get a perfect system and much different from the jelly bean.

best android kitkat features

Actually there have been several smart phones are ready to be updated to version jellybean and kitkat, one of the famous smartphone manufacturer south Korea, Samsung. One of the advantages of this version of kat kit is that you can save your messages to internal or external memory, because as we know that the messages in the inbox is usually stored in sim card memory.

Additionally the kitkat version has pretty good protection and the level of protection of the jelly bean. For those of you who are afraid will be exposed to malware when downloading or being use this applications or games, of course there are viruses that can enter into your phone.

Well on the Android system will minimized it pretty well, so there is obstruction filter powerful enough to block the virus into your android mobile device when installing or also download the application or game. Well in addition to the advantages already mentioned there are some advantages over the other in this kitkat of android.

Excess Android 4.4 kitkat, improvised existence of battery life, so in the latest android version you can play longer than the android system jelly bean which other systems. Since it has been presented by the built-in power saving mode which is to be built from android. And not just the cell phone vendor of course artificial.

Excess android kitkat are very unique in that the processor will use a tri -core processor that has a unique shape similar to a chocolate kitkat. There are three in number. Because if you use a dual or quad-core processors are now very common.

The existence of the SMS synchronization between devices. This has become a solution for users who like to change the SIM and the device. So with this feature it will make users can save the SMS on the SIM card or SD card and can also use the cloud service.

The advantages of android kitkat located can install many applications, and can also play together in the same time. Another plus from android 4.4 kitkat is able to increase the memory in your phone and also can improve the responsiveness of your touch screen .

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