Which one you choice, LCD monitor or CRT monitor?

Functions of a computer monitor are very important. You can perform a variety of office work with appropriate computer software, advanced, and is equipped with various modern applications intended to support your work. Computer usage appropriate to their needs is highly recommended, as well as the monitor facility. There are many types of monitors that you can use, such as LCD and CRT. Each monitor has its advantages and disadvantages, and different functions. Although basically a monitor is one of your appendages in using computers, but you should be able to choose, think about what monitor to suit your needs, LCD or CRT?

lcd monitor design

LCD monitor : For various applications, such as graphics, animation, editing images, and some other applications, the use of LCD monitors are highly recommended. In addition to providing image display is sharp and clear, the technology used in LCD monitors is also safe for your eye health. This is because the radiation released by the monitor is almost non-existent. Why is that? This is because the technology used in the form of a liquid crystal display (LCD). But for long term use, the LCD monitor is still inadequate.

crt monitorCRT monitors : In addition to the LCD monitor, you can also use this type monitor. Although the current use of the monitor is already much reduced, but due to the quality and durability of this monitor is better than the previous type, this time some people are still a fanatic user to CRT monitor type. Deficiencies that exist on this monitor are the amount of radiation produced, so it is advisable to use a radiation shield that you can plug in the monitor surface.



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