Who will be the winner on World Cup Brazil 2014?

Currently, all eyes are on the group stage matches in the World cup 2014. And as is evident in the team will advance to the next round. From some analysis in every game that has been going on, seems to have started to look, think about who will be the winner, although it is still very far from the analysis.

world cup brazil 2014

From some of these predictions, it seems beyond expectations, especially for a team that you think most people would be the champion, but in fact it has been eliminated in the group phase. Perhaps this is a phenomenon, which is not taken into account that the team could actually be a champion later.

We are still waiting for some of the matches that will take place, where everything can still happen. This is because there are some qualifiers, both for position and group champions and to make every team should strive to perform and deliver the highest value.

Of the allowance, will be more obvious and can we predicted, think about who the champion. In order for a goal to be a champion can be achieved, of course, in addition to the strategy also requires the ability and a more solid team work. Some strategies of this kind must be properly applied.

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