Make money through Facebook application

In previous articles I have explained how to use Facebook as a media application sharing as well as media promotion of your blog. In essence, you can earn money through the application contained in your Facebook. Maybe not believe in your Facebook profile page you can actually install and sell goods that are likely many readers find you. Whether it could be music, T-shirts, Gadgets, until the most recent former though, all you can sell. And that’s all you can do with a little capital even without the capital altogether. Below I try to share a variety of Facebook applications that might be reference for you.

Paypal Wishlist
I did not explain at length on Wishlist Paypal, you may already be familiar with this one application. In essence, you are asked to market a variety of product items, with compensation if you can invite other users to join, then you will receive $ 1.

Without me tell you there certainly are familiar with the world’s most popular auction “ebay”. You can also display your products through the auction profile page.

Cafepress allows you to sell T-Shirt as your product or products of others. In essence with this application you can sell anything you have in your store via your personal page.

e3buy Auction
This application works with auction site eBay, so you can make their own store and display them through profile pages.

are you a musician? Or want to sell your own music? This might be an interesting application that you need to try.

Garage Sale
With Garage sale items you can sell anything to you on Facebook, such as books, clothing and more.

Create a simple online store and sell your items to your friends via the application of this store.

My Merch Store
Creating your own products with Zazzle and then you can sell it at the website or through your Facebook profile page.

Music Blaster
An application that works with BlastMyMusic. You simply promote musical performances and get 5% commission from sales of their music.

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  • Great article & its very useful to everyone who is newbie like my friends.Thanks to Facebook to be a part of our lives.I am glad to tell you that i met my childhood friends through facebook…All the best :-)

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  • PTC

    Have you try Earn Cash?
    It is like Paypal Wishlist, I already earn $32 in 1st September 2010

  • Great info on facebook advertising. I try to use facebook advertising for many of my e commerce stores but I never thought about making into an application. I want to test it out and make it into an app store! Thank you so much for the idea

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  • Effective ways are shown in the post that can help you gain money from Facebook. I have not tried any of them yet but now will surely get my hands over them

  • Nizar

    Nice topic. very useful for newbie like me

  • Nizar

    Nice topic. very useful

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  • It reminds me of my friend. He earn money through Facebook. He always sent me a sites like dollar per click,youth says and etc. So that I can to earn money. Thanks for having Facebook in our lives.More power to your site! God bless ;-)

  • my question is this how much and how do fb pay for applications to be used.

  • thanks infonya..

  • i get some money from paypal wishlist a couple of week ago. only $9. so, no scam.

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  • hiks, i get less money from paypal wish list, i scary it’s scam :(

  • Yes I’ve received $1 from Paypal Wishlist but I don’t know how to do it again and is it working till now ??

  • have you tried it? making money with facebook ? ok trying now

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