How To Sharing your Internet connection wirelessly

In my home base (Ponjong, Gunungkidul) I use GSM Wi-Fi Router to share my Internet connection to all of my family members. But after little bit accident on, I am lost my GlobeSurfer II Router in Bandung. I need to find another ways to share my internet connection wirelessly.

The solution come from my MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard installed. Using Latest Mac OS X (tested on Leopard and Snow Leopard) we can share our internet connection easily. I will show you how to do this on Mac OS X 10.5 and newer

The First time. Go to your Mac OS X System Preferences and find sharing menu, and you will see this screen.

Mac OS XSystem Preferences - Internet Sharing
Mac OS XSystem Preferences - Internet Sharing

There are so many option on this panel. Sharing Printer, Screen Sharing, DVD & CD Sharing, Web Sharing and many more including Internet Sharing. We will play around on Internet Sharing. On this panel there are little bit option we need to setup.

Choose Share your connection from, because I use USB Modem I choose this option, on my screen shoot I choose Ethernet (I currently connected internet, using this option). Then you need to tick what shared on will be, because I want to share it via Wi-Fi, I choose AirPort and I activated this internet sharing by ticked.

When you have succefully setup it you will see your AirPort icon on the bar like this.

New Internet Sharing icon

That’s it, now you have successfully sharing your Internet connection wirelessly on Mac OS X

More info: LifeHacker, Mac OS X Docs


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