5 Things “Must” New Users Should Know on iPhone 4

I am not iPhone user, maybe never use it. But iPhone 4 is interesting gadget, Retina Display with 960×640 pixels at 326ppi is super featured for mobile gadget such phone. We will show you 5 things new user should know about iPhone 4, so let’s move on

iPhone 4 Design
iPhone 4 Design

1. Centralizing Update

Now on iOS 4 you can updated all avaliable updated in single menu.

2. Tab To Focus an Object – Video

This featured is really useful for recording many object focus, you can switch focus between each object. All need to do just tab on different object on the screen and the focus will go there directly

3. View in windscreen when recording

Try to double tab the screen and you’ll see that your video recording in Widescreen mode

4. Create Mirror shot easily

iPhone 4 using double camera, this camera used for Facetime and another function is create self portrait more easily. Click the icon with Camera and Arrow rotator ;)

5. Enabled Wikipedia Search

Integrated with Apple Safari, you can search on your spotlight directly into web and wikipedia, to activated Spotlight you only need to swap to the right your screen on the home screen

Enjoy iPhone 4 – TV Ad – Haircut

That’s it’s I hope 5 Things “Must” New Users Should Know on iPhone 4 useful on you. Thanks for Hongkiat for share this tips



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