Placing the Right Keywords

How To Placing the Right Keywords on the website? Why we need care enough on keywords? For me Keywords is important things, keywords is big supporter for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We need do little research about the right keywords for our site or content and place it in the right side.

Placing Keywords Strategy
Placing Keywords Strategy

If we have right keywords and deliver right content the user will happy. There are so many important area that we need to be tweaked to increase website ranking. Here we go some of them (Title Tag, URL, H1 Tag, Image Descriptions, Page Copy)

Title Tag

Create unique Title Tag and put your keywords on it, example you can put your keywords on the beginning on your title


WordPress default Permalinks is nicer but for me there are better setting increase traffic with placing right Keywords on your URL. Example: we can optimize this permalink and remove un necessary URL become like this one

H1 Tag

Every Single Page should be have one H1 Tag, Google and Many Search Engine will read this tag and go to other tags h2, h3 etc. So put your keyword on it

Image Descriptions

Google and Many Search Engine crawling Images too, so put your right ALT, TITLE on your images, Content Management System such as WordPress have Caption Image.. Don’t forget to add extra details about your Image with Caption image. Our Free Themes have support this featured too. Our GPL Free Themes also has it

That’s for know, we hope our little description about how to place right keywords on your website especially on each of you Content useful for you. We gather this information from many resource, so CMIIW..



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