Self- cleaning technology on the Nissan Vehicle

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Tired of cleaning dirty car during the rainy season? Especially if you frequently pass through the streets muddy and dirt. However, these problems would be avoided if you use a prototype -owned Nissan cars that are able to clean themselves.

nissan new technology

Prototype car called the Nissan Note is using technology from Ultra Tech International painting. The actual painting technology not only can be used on cars, but also can be used in many other devices. And for today’s commonly used by industry segment.

The technology also allows the car to resist various types of dirt. Start of impurities such as mud, oil, soil and water. By using these technologies, the car owner can further reduce the intensity of the activity of car washes. However, the use of this technology for cars on the market is still quite far away. Nissan also still have to do some testing that will last a few months to finally provide this technology to his car on the market.

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