Android TV box, the new generation for mobile TV

Along with the development of gadgets Android-based, has recently released a product with one set TV box technology that allows Android users to deliver a multimedia experience on the TV screen. One of which is the Android TV box. Design of Android TV Box is more like a multimedia player that comes first. With a more compact design and does not require much space, making this product the choice for your mobile. For connection to TV, HDMI port is provided, while the internet connection is available for two units to a wired LAN port RJ 45 and Wi-Fi.

android tv box

Because the function is similar to the tablet, then the navigation on Android TV box is assisted by remote control available. Such conditions are certainly less convenient. To overcome this, the Android TV box is equipped with a wireless mouse that will serve to control the movement of the cursor on the TV screen.

To support the performance of these products in order to get more leverage, in which is integrated with some hardware, such as Amlogic processor 900 MHz, 512 MB memory, graphics card, and media storage capacity of 2 GB. With the support of high-spec hardware, you can play some 3D games with a very perfect, sharp, smooth, and stable.

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