Apple Pull the Game of marijuana in the App Store

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Apple has pulled the game associated with marijuana from the App Store after he grabbed the number one position in the list, according to a report from some people. Such applications related to adult themes, such as sex and violence, Apple keep a distance with applications involving marijuana.

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Adweek notes that there are other apps in the App Store featuring marijuana, including those that help the user to find out where they are physically able to afford in real life. Weed marijuana theme Firm remains entirely in the realm of fiction in that game, while the players maintain marijuana business.

My town noted that there are other games themed and styled both still available in the App Store, including Weed and Weed Farmer Tycoon. While Apple did not pull the game based on illegal activity, it should be noted that there is a legal marijuana cultivation operations in the United States where it has been legalized for medical purposes, such as in Washington .

Weed creator Firm in Manitoba Games wrote that the application was also withdrawn from the Google Play Store, although for different reasons. The company plans to send it back to Apple Firm Weed with various changes.

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