Apple was not anti Microsoft

Do you mac lover and also love almost all the gadget that produce by mac ? I believe you would love this gadget IPhone 3G. Some people said they like IPhone because it’s simple, and that’s the same opinion with me at the first time I saw IPhone. But now, technology growth very fast, there are no simplicity because people are complex subjects and so as the gadget they bring it on.
Tod Pierece said about this IPhone

“The iPhone is a watershed event in mobile computing for corporations. Our experience with it has shown its potential to be the most useful business mobility tool we’ve ever used.”

So what you can say …
If you see many video’s about PC and mac like “Hi, I’m a PC” and “Hi, I’m a Mac” it looks like war :)
But at the applications and tools, mac adopt several application from Microsoft. Now, mac want to share with Microsoft Exchange. So, a businessman can manage their email using their IPhone and connected with their own server. Usually they use Microsoft Exchange as an Email server. IPhone support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, delivering push email, calendar, and contacts. And it gives mobile users secure access to corporate resources with Cisco IPSec VPN and wireless network services with WPA2 Enterprise and 802.1X authentication. Do you like more with this gadget :) I hope it will be here in Indonesia soon. Do you love your iPhone?



  1. pengeeeeen.. tapi masih mahal banget disini… :((
    nunggu ada operator yang mau kerja sama sama Apple untuk pemasaran iPhone… :-w

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