Mini HDD with high speed Technology

To meet the storage needs of notebook users, Apacer launches portable HDD USB 3.0 2.5 inch, the Apacer AC233 version. With the combination of colors is quite interesting, Apacer hardware output is available in a wide choice of capacities, such as 1 TB, 750 GB, and 500 GB. This HDD has a maximum speed of 112/109 MB/s, so it only takes 50 seconds to move or transfer a DVD or video format three times faster than the speed of USB 2.0 are present in the same capacity.

HDD Apacer AC233 is also compatible with USB 2.0, and comes with a two-color LED indicator to differentiate when using USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. This helps the user know the status of the HDD in real time. Through power management simpler, AC233 can automatically switch to power saving mode when no data is transferred within a period of 10 minutes. The method is not only effective in saving power consumption, but also extend the life of the hardware.

This device is suitable for use for those who happen to have high mobility and has a large amount of data, so that the required storage capacity capable of providing the best performance, fast, secure, and flexible. With a body size that is not too big, it can make your hadware one alternative for mobile storage needs, of course, with some of the advantages and benefits that exist on the device.



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