Best Space Racing 3D for Android

Racing game is a popular game in almost all gaming platforms, not least on Android. No wonder therefore that today many racing games selection that you can meet at Play Store. The category was abundant ranging from racing cars, motorcycles, horses, planes, bikes and much more. Not to mention if you want to be categorized on the segmentation of the mobile phone specifications, there are many options for phone with good specs, medium or low though.

space racing 3d games for androidThis time will discuss about another racing game, his name is Space 3D Racing. One cool games on the Android Racing Aircraft that have intermediate specification. Evident from the requirement that applications only need about 10Mb, this is a relatively small considering racing game application with many components. But even then it ‘s pretty good quality applications, presenting great graphics combined with quality sound support.

It is a game in – app purchase, you ‘ll initially be given a set of aircraft that are ready for use and a single open circuit. Going forward, on a regular basis will increase the level of difficulty and need a new component for strengthening the capacity of plane. Well 3D Racing Game Space will sell the components in the form of virtual money which you can spend later, almost similar times now’s the same with most games.

The main strength of this game apart from the already mentioned above graph is in terms of the Controller. Unlike most other racing games that use the Tilt, this game Tap method, there are two virtual controllers provided by the application to the game to turn right or left.

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