Google partnered with eyeglasses Factory for their products

After the last article about the LG that produces Hour Smart and Smart Lamp, now comes news of smart sunglasses made ​​a giant company Google. Glass that Google has developed Google today is probably the product that is in demand by most of the population in America there, but we need to realize that the Google Glass display is far from a classic impression that such glasses in general.

best google glass from google

Far from being normal so anyway. Google Glass currently looks like a bizarre spectacles worn by people who the technology. I personally might be a bit reluctant to use it for day-to- day if I have it because of the form of the Google Glass.

But what if the shape of the Google Glass will look the same with the glasses on the market today, but coupled with the Google Glass technology contained in it? Glasses with normal form as sunglasses in general. Well, that was okay.

So how do I solve this problem? Well, it seems Google has just signed a deal with the company’s famous sunglasses like Ray – Ban and Oakley to develop and manufacture multiple products like Google Glass for consumers in the future. I do not know what your opinion on this matter, but if minus Oakley sunglasses that I currently use Google technology in Glass with a simple look I would definitely be happy. Looks more sporty and cool .

Although Google Glass today is more geared to people who can develop a platform and people who are interested in being on the cutting edge with a new technology, but not the possibility of cooperation between Google and Google’s famous designer sunglasses Glass later can be used by the everyday housewife who rarely even dealing with technology.

Indeed, at first, the release of Google Glass is not very interesting, and reach the consumer interest in the market of fashion users with trendy appearance. Now with this partnership I expect Oakley and Ray – Ban will change what consumers actually want to view them on the smart glasses. Both companies have made these glasses and produce several types of glasses are pretty good quality and with thousands of fans spread across the world, and this will be an interesting thing to see what will happen later in the future, particularly in terms of marketing.


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