Breaking! Actor Kim Woo Bin is Diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Breaking! Actor Kim Woo Bin is Diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer. The sad news was announced by Sidus HQ, Kim Woo Bin’s agency, on May 24 2017. Sidus HQ made a statement on the actor’s health issues by explaining that the actor felt some unusual symptoms about his health and then checked his abnormalities to the doctor.

After the medical examination, the actor has been diagnosed with the nasopharyngeal cancer. Kim Woo Bin will be doing some treatment and recovery for the time being. The doctor prescribed him to drink coffee enemas and other natural foods for his diet to stay healthy. To see the complete statement of Sidus HQ on Kim Woo Bin’s health issues, here is the following statement from the agency:

“Hello, this is sidus HQ. This is a statement about Kim Woo Bin’s health issues. We took to this statement to reveal Kim Woo Bin’s condition personally, knowing that many will worry and show concern.

While carrying out his various schedules, Kim Woo Bin felt abnormalities in his body and visited a hospital, being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. Fortunately, it is still in its early stages, so he has begun receiving drug treatment and radiation therapy. He plans on focusing on his treatment for now before greeting you with a recovered, healthy image, so please wish for his speedy convalescence. 

We are currently in the stages of adjusting his previously made schedules. We ask for your numerous cheers and encouragements. Thank you.” 

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